We are a group of dedicated volunteers who assist with the care, conservation and recording of collections in order to preserve our local heritage.

In 2015 we commenced repairs to the modern mosaic constructed to illustrate Chariot Racing at Colchester's Roman Circus that was discovered in Colchester in 2004.  The artwork, created by Peter Froste, measures 20ft x 10ft, and the tiling was originally undertaken by local school children. To enable restoration, the mosaic was cut into six pieces and volunteers have thoroughly enjoyed developing new skills in cutting, shaping and fixing the thousands of tiles. All six pieces have now been restored and reassembled on a new wall at Roman Circus House.  To view Photo Gallery images of the volunteers working on different sections of the mosaic and see the final result, please click here.

Volunteers have also undertaken the cataloguing of beautiful Warner and Courtauld fabrics at the Braintree Museum and have previously worked with the Colchester and Ipswich Museums cataloguing and repacking the coin collection, glass plate negatives and the costume collection.  We have also made hangers and costume bags, stitched hats, aprons and Victorian pinafores for children's workshops and constructed medieval banners for mounting children's work to hang in Colchester Castle.

In addition members act as stewards at the Castle House Museum in Dedham, the former home of Sir Alfred Munnings RA.