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26 March 2019The Art and Culture of Vienna before 1919
28 February 2019Art in the City
21 January 2019Study afternoons on 1. Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Painting and 2. Renaissance Florence under the Medici
27 November 2018The Making of Venice: from swamp to Serenissima and publishing and bookbinding in early Renaissance Venice
28 November 2017The Three Baltic States

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The Art and Culture of Vienna before 1919 Gavin Plumley Tuesday 26 March 2019

The Arts Society Sudbury welcomes members of The Arts Society North East Essex to this Special Interest morning.

It will be held at the Quay Theatre Sudbury on Tuesday 26th March 2019 from 10.30 to 13.00.  Gavin Plumley will give two one-hour lectures which will explain 'how and why the City of Dreams became so rich in cultural, intellectual and artistic activity'.  

The price for the morning, to include coffee and biscuits, is £22 per person.

To see the booking form, which may be returned to Maren Mauder at The Arts Society Sudbury, please click here.